Ever since I was a child, I look up to doctors. Not that I'm implying i despise people who work in other  sectors but when I look at these doctors it's just that, i got that tiny little tingling feelings in my heart, the one that you feel when you look at someone you love. Hehe. It's very amazing for these group of people to work with the things that make us a human, God's most amazing creation. Isn't it amazing?  
So I just got back from an interview in UKM for Medicine. How did it go? I think it went smooth (in terms of process, but in terms of answering the question, God knows how did it go). From the registration part until the end. This year, I think they started to do MMI. What's MMI? It means Multiple Mini Interview. So, basically there are 5 active stations (stations in which you have to prepare for your answer before you go into the room and answer the interviewer's question), and 4 passive stations (stations in which you are allowed to rest and literally do nothing except breathing, sitting, pondering upon your future). 2 minutes for preparation, 5 minutes for you to do the talking

I think the questions that was asked was okay, it's not that tough. But well, if i were asked on what to prepare for this kinda interview....you literally should equip yourself with the knowledge regarding medical and health issues nowadays. For instance, among the few questions that I got today, there was a question regarding Stevia (sugar substitute). I think if you know about that specifically, you are able to rule out the pros and cons of a diabetic patient consuming Stevia. 

I think it's better for you to practice and look out for the sample questions (look it up on the internet) so that you can em what do we call that aha get used to the pattern of the questions. You'll be given a scenario, and they will ask your opinion based on scenario. No more typical questions such as why do you wanna be a doctor or why you choose UKM etc. But well, just be prepared as there are some of my friends who got that kinda questions as a sub-question.
All in all, I think i enjoyed the moment throughout the interview due to the lecturers who are basically laid back and they encouraged us to speak more. You'll never feel intimidated and i can say i'm comfortable in answering the questions asked by them. Goodluck!
Please pray that I will be accepted to this program. God knows how bad I wanna do medicine. And if. If. This is not what I'm destined to do, please pray for me to always be ready to accept what God has prepared for me. For He is The All-Knowing.
Love you. 
POSTED BY nurathirah ON Thursday, 8 June 2017 @ 12:26
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