UiTM Dengkil, the place where it all began.
Hi, i'm currently having severe withdrawal symptoms from....well the place they all call UiTM Dengkil. Ah, this time it's real. This time, i definitely don't know when will i be able to return. It held so much memories, the good ones and the bad ones, witnessed a lot of bond formed (this sounds like chemistry though) and..bonds that started to grow apart as human beings were occupied with other things. 

I don't know about you, but i was fine studying here. I rarely felt homesick, or felt as if i'm suffocated having to stay there like most people do. Though i was hoping to enter UM  cause it's the place where my parents fell in love. Well, that's not the sole reason of why i wanna enter UM hahaha. But I guess, this is a better plan for me. And i'm glad, cause in the end of this journey here, it is indeed a better plan for me. 

Some people is able to see the hikmah behind everything right away. Some took longer time. Me? I guess it's the latter It is indeed true that everything (and i mean EVERY SINGLE THING) yang berlaku dalam hidup ni ada hikmah. Doa-la moga Allah bukakan mata dan pintu hati agar dibolehkan untuk melihat setiap hikmah akan segala perkara yang terjadi, bukan dalam golongan yang sentiasa mempersoal akan segala yang terjadi, tidak redha akan ketentuan-Nya.

I guess, the reason on why i agree on being a (?) PMDS (some sort of facilitator to assist on new students' registration) is because, it's another chance left for me to be there once again. And it felt....i guess it felt empty at first, cause the people that you used to see at this one corner, or wherever it is in UiTM Dengkil, they're not there. And your eyes are yet able to get used to it. But when it's filled with newly registered students, the hectic-ness, it brings back the memories. it also means that soon, it's your time to leave. I have once said this quote, and it's the quote i love most from greys anatomy, "But the carousel never stops turning".

I lived through every moment here, every ups and downs, every tears dropped, every smile carved, i lived through it all. This place and its people scored my heart since day one. And it's never been another way around despite some little tiny disappointments we all definitely have to face in this journey called life. 

Writing/typing this, makes my heart ache. Therefore, i need to stop. See you when i see you. 

Love, Athirah who's living in the past.

POSTED BY nurathirah ON Monday, 29 May 2017 @ 09:36
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