miss you.

Life, it's interesting isn't it? Like it has its mysterious way to bring you to the place you should be. It has its ups and downs. One that can throw you off of your feet or also that one which can build you to be as strong as a rock, as tall as a tower, all in a split second. It has its way to heal people; time. It has its way to bring you back to your old favourite time, with your favourite person at your favourite place; memory and it sure as hell has its way to torture you with tremendous pain; memory too. 

To forget or not to forget. I'd rather choose not to. As for me all kinda memories are precious, each helps to shape you to be who you are now. But sometimes, forgetting is the best way for you to move on, to be a better person, to grow. I have mixed feelings. Hey you. Yes you who knows the existence of this blog. you who patiently read each and every one of my post despite not being there, where you used to be anymore, yes you, hey, i miss you. And i do. Really do. 

But if people decided to go, you should let them go. And if they decided to return, you should embrace and welcome them and say ' I know it's one long  journey home, but let's not fight for I'm forever grateful that you have returned. I've been missing you. Your presence. I know all this while i took you for granted and i'm eternally thankful for that and for you, being here' 

I miss you. 


Anyway, i'll be having my first finals in med school in another two weeks, I ask for your kindness (whoever that's reading this blabbering post, of course) to pray for me and my friends, may He ease all our task, our memories strengthen, our will all fired up, our sincerity remain true; to please Him and Him alone.  Thank you, God bless.

p/s: amidst finishing my physiology lectures. 4.24 a.m 
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Life here

Greetings, and peace be upon you. Life here in Sungai Buloh has been great all in all. Still couldn't believe i'm here, given the chance to do what I actually love to do/to learn. Met lotsa of new people, all of them are so great in a way. When looking at lotsa seniors here, I think of 'WOW, THEY HAVE SURVIVED 4 -5 YEARS IN MED SCHOOL HOW DID THEY DO THAT' 
So a friend of mine recently asked, If I were to choose between love and study, which one would I choose. And I ask her, why can't we do both? Why do we have to sacrifice any one of that? I mean, is it really necessary for us to choose one of those things? 
If it were me, I'd choose both. 
No exception. 
No sacrifice. 
No remorse.
But sadly, I didn't even have to choose one of that. CAUSE I  ONLY HAVE ONE THING TO FOCUS ON AND THAT'S TO STUDY. I have a sad love life, really sad that in 19 years of living in this world (Alhamdulillah), Ive been turned down several times. Never did my love life ever work in the period of 19 years living on this world. None.
Which makes me wonder,WHAT DID I DO WRONG? WHAT AM I LACKING IN? Sigh.

I mean, it's not that the thought of having that special someone in my life is a form of achievement for me, it's just... idk how to put it into words. I know i'm deeply loved by the people around me (well, at least I think so), by Him, but...it's just that...

I honestly don't know why I have been thinking about this and kinda have a sense of urgency when it comes to this thing. I know I shouldn't. I know that when the time comes, 'it' will come, with the right person, in the most perfect sense, at the most right time. I know I should preserve that kinda faith.

And I know that for the time being I should focus on becoming a better version of myself, and I do.

I'm trying.

Ugh, it's one of those late night thoughts. Btw, I'll be having my third Progress Test involving Musculoskeletal Module, please pray for me!!! (I still  have lotsa lectures to be covered )

Thank you, God bless all of you

till then

p/s: Honestly, i couldnt wait to finally use the quote 'ever thine, ever mine, ever ours'

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