Young love
She was interested in this boy. So she initiated a conversation with that boy. And it went on and on. She did not take into account of whatever the consequences might be. Well, this is definitely not a mature relationship ; a mature relationship is when an individual think of the consequences of being in a relationship. Would they (both party) be able to handle it? Is this gonna last or is it just a fling? It's those kinda things.

She heard the boy's story. From the story of how the boy kept his feeling towards another girl and had to keep it, because he thought it's not mutual, to how he had such passion in watching anime, to how hard it is for him to ask his parents's permission to work. She heard them all. Sincerely. Attentively.

They grew close of each other. She would tell him the things that she like and the same goes to him. They have (I say this in terms of have because they still do) the same ambition. And they work their ass off to achieve the ambition. Even if they stumble, they would always pick up each other. They embrace each others' flaws and weaknesses. The girl's heart grew profoundly towards the boy. But it's still in the dark as she was afraid if this might somehow affect their friendship.

They managed to continue their studies together. She thought of it as a fate. He thought of it as a mere coincidence. They asked each other almost everyday how did the studies go and etc. The boy started to ask the girl to have a lunch together and even to study together. But the girl refuse to...since she had her personal reasons on not being able to do all those kinda things with the boy. She thought the boy would understand her and her personal reasons. She asked him is it okay if she is unable to accompany him? The boy said, it's okay. He understood her.

But little did she know, there was another girl who was willing to accompany him everywhere, and even had several lunches with him. 

Their relationship started to grow distant. Very distant that a mere 'Hi' would be so awkward. So she kept this feeling of hers knowing that it's not mutual.

She found out later than everyone else that the boy was already in a relationship with the new girl. Things definitely didn't the go the way she would want to..but she was left with no choice. She had to move on. She knew she definitely had to. She went through hard times, was trying to supress the feelings which has been growing for several years in order to salvage their friendship.

She did save it. She managed to do so. But at the cost of having to supress her own feelings. She keeps wondering sometimes,

If and only if she was there to accompany him despite her personal reasons, would everything changed? Will it be mutual? Would it be worth it?
Hate to spoil it but these characters do not exist in real life
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