I have decided to stop looking. I'm in no place to search or look for someone in the first place. I don't deserve to do that and i'm not qualified as i'm lacking in sooo many ways. And here i stand, on this very day, deciding that I'll start to build it (the wall) all up again. It's not your fault and neither it's mine. But that's just my stand. I have exposed too much. And sometimes, too much of an exposure will bring you nothing but disappointment and remorse. I have realised that this is not my place and that i'm not qualified or good enough. Therefore, i should stand back. I am in my own journey, in my own pace to be the better version of me. Not because of you or anyone. But it is for me, myself and I. I need to be independent. Meeting you has got to be one of the best memory in my life, spending time with you is, well it's safe to say, one of the best moment in my life and i definitely don't deserve any of this. I wish you all the best, i pray for all of your dreams to be granted, i wish you will continue to be gentle with woman, i pray that you will always be happy and do good wherever you might be after this, whatever circumstances it might be. Till then, let time do us apart and if we ever meet, let the meeting be a good one, the one where we never hold a grudge against each other. Salam alaika.
POSTED BY nurathirah ON Saturday, 18 March 2017 @ 10:35
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