I believe in being a storyteller, or being a poet requires u to completely be naked. U need to be naked so others can feel what u feel, think what you think, thus there it is a success in delivering your own feelings.

Some write to forget, some write to reminisce, while some write just to be able to remember every little things. Well, for me i think i write for all the reasons stated above. 

I think it's a little bit hard and tough for me to deliver my thoughts by speaking thus this is my medium. I find it easier for me to write out my thoughts. Do you? I mean which way suits you better?
Though, sometimes I wonder if the feelings that I felt during writing can be felt too by you guys. Sorry my bad.


I recently watched Reply 1988. A korean drama for those who might ask. It's a really good one. Brilliant plot, talented actors and actresses, superb writer.

I remember this one scene in which Jung Pal's mom (one of the character in that drama) was upset since his own son didn't bother to tell her how's his day at school or...you know the kinda things a son should tell his mother, unlike one of her friend's son who told almost everything to her friend like what did he get in the exam or if he's having any kinda problem, etc)

I guess, as we grow up..whether we realise it or not, the talk between us and our mother grow little. Don't you think so? As much as we want to deny it, that's just the truth. I mean, it's the truth for some of us.

So, what's the first step to re-bond-ing with our parents?

Well..for me.. I think it starts with the smallest of steps. I mean sometime, you refuse to tell your mother about anything because you think it may not seem important to her. Or maybe telling her about anything is not a big deal. Or maybe you just kinda feel like not opening up to her because it's embarassing and you're such a big girl/boy bla bla stuff like that.

First thing first, if you do feel embarassed about telling your mother about anything and everything, pluck up some courage and do tell her anyway. Sometimes, the small steps are the start to something much bigger; a deeper relationship, one that's gonna be cherished despite someone's absence years later. This step, it starts with you and your self. Even if someone encourages you to do so, if you don't take the initiative, you will go nowhere.

Now, trust me, tell your mom even the little-st thing because those little things might mean everything to her. She'll feel needed by her own children. You may not see it but, maybe there's something that your mom can do on behalf of you. Mom's prayer towards every of her children will never be unanswered. Know that.

Remember, In every success that you achieve, every hardships that you manage to get through, every dream that is now within your reach, it is your mother who patiently prays for you and your well-being. It is indeed a blessing to have your mother to watch every steps that you take, in hope that you'll always be composed and bold despite having some hurdles and bumps along the road.

You may not like it if your mother nags about her missing Tupperware, or she nags over undone house chores but trust me this voice of hers will be missed when she's finally leaving this world. It is indeed safe to say, and it's rather not a hyperbole to state that having to lose a mother is as similar as losing your own spine. You will feel your world turn into something so bleak, you could barely see lights ; lost in your own thoughts and your unspoken words. You wish you could have done more good deeds to her just to ease her, talk to her just to hear her voice but at the end of the day this hope of yours will be nothing more than a shout into an abyss.

Well, this is the chance. Use it very,very well. Well enough that there will be no anguish or even pangs of conscience when it's her time to leave. It's never too late. Never.

Al-Fatihah to all supermoms and superdads out there. You deserve the world and so much more. May Allah grant you His permission to enter the highest level of jannah without hisab, InshaaAllah.

POSTED BY nurathirah ON Monday, 15 May 2017 @ 13:23
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